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Mark III Desk Signs
The Mark III Line is an extruded Aluminum frame designed to hol
Desk / Counter Units
Desk Holder 1_16(4).jpeg
Holder P_Q.jpg
Holder R_S(pen).jpg
Desk Holder (base)1_16(6).jpeg
Holder V_W.jpg
A, B, C, D, E, F,
G, H, K, L, M, I
* “K” Includes FDIC,
Savings Logo or NCUA
P, Q
R, S

Pens Included
U, T
V, W
Key	Stock #	Description	Size
A	SHA 6006000	SC Desk Holder	1
Desk / Counter Units - Dual Panel
Dual Panel 1_16(5).jpeg
Key	Stock #	Description	Size
N	SHA 6220000	SC Desk Holder	2
N, O
Desk / Counter Units - Two Sided
V-Mount 1_16(8).jpeg
Key	Stock #	Description	Size
X	SHV 6706000*	SC Desk Holder
X, Y, Z
Desk / Counter Units - Miscellaneous Styles
plastic holder.jpeg
Key	Stock #	Description	Size
Clear Plastic Holder	SHA 011000
Clear Plastic Holder
walnut holder.jpeg
Walnut Desk Block


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