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Classic Line Series ADA Signs

Our Classic Line Series ADA Signs are designated to meet the new Federal regulations for the visually impaired, and comply with the ADA code for raised text and pictograms, Grade 2 Braille, and contrasting colors.
  • Classic Line's smart, modern coordinating sign system features:
    • Durable precision molded plastic frames.
    • Easy to remove magnetically-held panel inserts.
    • Available in beautiful designer colors.
  • Our Precision Molded Classic Line series is designed primarily as a Radius Corner Line.
  • Durable, functional, and easily maintained, the holders accommodate our molded 1/8" panel inserts available in a wide selection of cut Acrylic insert material. Cut Acrylic panel/inserts are available in 1/8" clear matte for subsurface lettering applications, and also in 1/8" opaque material for surface lettering.
  • Front view of the holder face measures 1/8" with the holder depth measuring 7/16" overall for our Door/Wall units.
  • Our Classic Line Series ADA signs are available in a variety of non-glare or matte-finish colors, with contrasting raised lettering and raised image relief areas. These signs may be mounted without the frame, or inserted into our precision molded frame to suit the aesthetics of the location.
  • This series meets ADA requirements when used with appropriate tactile raised letters, tactile raised pictograms, grade 2 braille, etc.
  • For more detailed information on ADA regulations:


  • Braille - Grade 2 Braille raised 1/32" above the panel surface blends with the panel background color. Meets tactile requirements for ADA signage. (colored braille is for illustration purpose only)
  • Letters - 5/8" High uppercase Helvetica Medium, raised 1/32" and placed directly below the Pictogram.
  • Pictogram - (Raised Images). Figures Raised 1/32".
  • Finish and Contrast - Matte eggshell, or non-glare finish. Dark color background with light color letters or light color background with dark color letters


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