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Stock ADA Signs

Our Regulatory Signs are designated to meet the new Federal regulations for the visually impaired and comply with ADA code for raised text and pictograms, Grade 2 Braille, and contrasting colors.

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) outlines requirements for accessibility of public places for the disabled. The law outlines requirements for new and existing construction, renovation, and alterations. All existing public facilities must take "readily achievable" steps toward removing any barriers that do not comply with the law. Barrier removal includes signage, one of the most cost effective and readily achievable steps toward compliance.

Our in-stock ADA regulatory signs are available in a variety of non-glare or matte-finish colors, with contrasting raised lettering and image relief areas. These signs may be mounted without the frame, or inserted in our precision molded frame to suit the aesthetics of the location.

Cadillac Graphics, Inc.
supplies you with durable high quality signs that are easy to wall mount with pressure sensitive adhesive.

Handicap Symbol
RCP 2909051
8 x 8

Men Symbol
RCP 2909056
8 x 8

In Case of Fire
RCP 2909060
8 x 8

Men Restroom with Handicap Symbol
RCP 2909052
8 x 8

Women Symbol
RCP 2909057
8 x 8

TDD Symbol
RCP 2909061
8 x 8

Women Restroom with Handicap
RCP 2909053
8 x 8

No Smoking Symbol
RCP 2909058
8 x 8

RCP 2909062
8 x 8

Unisex Restroom with Handicap Symbol
RCP 2909054
8 x 8

Stair Symbol
RCP 2909059
8 x 8

Volume Control Telephone
RCP 2909063
8 x 8

Unisex Restroom Symbol
RCP 2909055
8 x 8

Installation Information
For Permanent Identification


(Precision Molded Plastic)

RHD 2909000
8-1/2 x 8-1/2
(Order Separately)

To Order, Please Specify:

  • Quantity & Product Number for Panel/Inserts (Symbol) required
  • Panel Insert / Letter & Symbol Color
  • Frame Color
  • Quantity & Product Number of Precision Molded Frames required

Note: Frames and Panel Inserts are each shipped complete with pressure sensitive mounting adhesive.

Panel Insert / Letter & Symbol Color Chart

(1st color is the panel insert color, 2nd color is the letter & symbol color.)

Frame Color Chart

Note: Due to screen limitations, colors shown in this document are representative and may not match exactly with actual colors.

This information is intended as general ADA guidance, and Cadillac Graphics, Inc. assumes no liability for its accuracy or completeness. Cadillac Graphics, Inc. suggests that its clients seek professional counsel on the ADA legislation regulations promulgated thereunder.

Cadillac Graphics, Inc.
Manufactures a full line of ADA signage. Write, call or fax for more information.



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